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Open Source Motion Capture for Autonomous Drones

$20 system for room-scale millimeter level precision motion capture

My Life in Data

Visualising my sleep, Spotify, social media habits and everything in between

Flowblocks – Visual Programming for Microcontrollers

Cambridge group project for the Raspberry Pi Foundation

3D Printed Film Video Camera

An expensive and unreliable way to record low quality videos!

Recreating Aerochrome – A Discontinued Infrared Film

A faithful reproduction of a long lost color IR film stock

DIY Film Wigglegram Lens

A 3D printed lens made from 3 disposable cameras

Making A Compact Camera Flash

Repurposing a disposable camera's flash module

RGB Led Cube

A battery powered cube with 96 leds

OpenCV Self Driving Car

Designing, printing and programming a self driving car

Hypercube Evolution (HEVO) 3D Printer

Buiding a 3D printer with a 3D printer