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battery grapher

Battery Grapher

An intelligent Apple Watch app which learns your usage habits to make smart predictions on future battery life. Reached 12th most popular utility app on US App Store, with a 4.2 star rating from over 340 reviews.
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whitebox chat


A simple, clean and discrete messaging platform made for students. Over 35,000 registered users who have sent more than 10 million messages.
word swipe

Word Swipe

Clean and simple Apple Watch game. Swipe to connect letters and form words.
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Real time mask detection software powered by OpenCV.
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opencv self driving car

Self Driving Car

Self driving car powered by OpenCV. Designed, built and programmed from scratch.
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opencv self driving car

RGB LedCube

Battery powered LedCube with 96 RGB LEDs.
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ttl logic gate calculator

TTL Chip Calculator

3 digit calculator designed and built from the ground up. Inspired by Ben Eater.
hevo 3d printer

3D Printer

A Hypercube Evolution printer built from common components and 3D printed parts.
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